Furor-19, Week 3, Day 5 Fundraiser Games WOD #1Scorecard and Workout Instructions Warm-up3 Rounds30 Jumping Jacks15 No Push-up Burpee8 Hollow RocksMobility90 sec Dragon Pose (ea....
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Furor-19, Week 3, Day 4 Warm-up200m Run (30 sec out/back)200m Walk400m Run400m Walk (1′ out/back)Mobility90 sec Pigeon Stretch (ea. side) StrengthAir Squat Hold8′ EMOM25 sec...
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Furor-19, Week 3, Day 3 Warm-up3 Rounds14 Spidermans14 A-frame Toe Touches14 Vertical LeapsMobility1′ per Side,¬†Twisted Supine Stretch StrengthDumbbell or KB Overhead Squat8′ Alt. EMOM0:00 min...
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Furor-19, Week 3, Day 1 Warm-up2′ AMRAP x 3 Rounds20 Push-upsSingle Unders or Double Unders Mobility20 Leg Swings (front to back, ea. side)1′ Pigeon Stretch...
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Furor-19, Week 2, Day 5 Warm-up2 Rounds30 sec Calf stretch (ea. side)400m Run30 Push-ups20 Jumping Lunges (jump on the way up to alt. legs) Strength4...
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Furor-19, Week 2, Day 4 Warm-up3 Rounds12 Lateral Squats8 Push Ups w/ a twist then,10 SpidermansMobility1′ Frog Stretch1′ Sumo Squat Hold StrengthWall Squat10′ EMOM30 sec...
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Furor-19, Week 2, Day 3 Warm-up9 Burpees20 Lunge Steps7 Burpees20 Lunge Steps5 BurpeesMobility1′ per Side, Twisted Supine Stretch StrengthDumbbell or KB Squat Snatch + Overhead Squat10′...
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Furor-19, Week 2, Day 2 Warm-upTabata Lateral Line Hopsthen,10 inchwormsMobility1′ per Side, Doorway Stretch Strength5 Supersets: 20-30 Push-ups + 10-15 Bent over Rows*90 sec Rest Between Rounds*10-15...
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Furor-19, Week 2, Day 1MISFITS stick together, that includes us FCF athletes. Here’s a link to a podcast by Team Misfit about working out with...
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