Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 3 Warm-up Weakness Warm Up 50 Unbroken Wallballs 20/14lbsOr35 Unbroken Wallballs 30/20lbs Strength4 Supersets10 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls10 DB Reverse Flyes...
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Cycle 1, Week 2, Day 2 Warm-up2 Rounds (25′ down/back)50′ High Knees50′ Butt Kicks50′ Lateral Shuttle Run60 sec Sumo Squat Stretch Hold10 Empty BB OHS...
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The final workout of the 2020 CrossFit Games Open! 20.5!Note: Class Met-Con is at the bottom of the page. Warm-up2 Rounds12 Lunge and Reach6 Broad...
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Cycle 1, Week 1, Day 3 Warm-up400m Row20 Walking Lunge Steps 15 Jump Squats20 Good Mornings10 – 15 Strict Pull-ups or Ring Rows20 Romanian Deadlifts10...
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Cycle 1, Week 1, Day 2 Warm-up2 RoundsRun 300m10 Wall Squats (as close to the wall as possible)10 Hand Release Push-upsthen, 2 Rounds15 sec OH...
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Warm-upClass Wall-sit Warm-up (whiteboard explanation)Class Stretch:1′ Seated Cross-shin Forward Stretch (right in front)1′ Seated Cross-shin Forward Stretch (left in front)1′ Twisted Cross Right1′ Twisted Cross...
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CFG Open 20.4! There are separate workouts today. General class Met-con and those signed up for the open, doing 20.4. Warm-up20 Banded Glute Activation Steps...
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